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What is your technique for making me look my best?

This isn’t about me, but it is: it’s about what I’ve learned. My own wedding photos are great. They are well posed, every hair in place, every flower perfectly presented to the camera and…. I do look… “my best.” However, I also look stiff and very formal, I do not look like authentic self, excited and in love. My wedding images do not follow my “Rule of Two”. The photographer is very much a presence in my images and there are no organic qualities to them, at all. It’s become my passion to tap into something that only a trained observer can and that is the heart and soul of my couples. That is what you will see in your images.

You will look your best when you, your joy, your tears, your story, and your love are captured authentically. You should view your images and see yourselves looking back at you, not a manufactured version of you. You should see the beauty of your own love story and feel the power of your connections to each other, to your family, and your friends.

Beauty is the value of being entirely authentic. I often rely on my sense of humor and ability to navigate social and family waters to create a space where everyone can feel “camera un-aware” and just relax and enjoy the day, your time together, and write your story through their laughter and tears which are organic moments that create themselves when we’re having fun. Love is fun, it’s also messy and tearful and perfect and when I capture you surrounded by that love: you’re looking your best.

Do you offer engagement photos?

Engagement sessions are a casual and fantastic way for me to get to know you, get to know how to capture your best, and for you to experience my style before your big day! They are essentially a boot camp for your wedding!

This time helps us all prepare for the sessions which take place on your wedding day but are sans the time constraints, the high emotions and the (sometimes) chaos that can be present on the wedding day. The engagement session is fun and produces casual images which capture the first part of your love story. I have never had a couple that didn’t later say how much more confident they felt on their wedding day after having the experience of their engagement session under their belt. My basic Engagement Session package is $300 which includes a choice of two (2) high-resolution jpeg images via a downloadable link, often used for the Save The Dates. If you wish to purchase all of your finished high-resolution images, there is an additional $200 fee.

Where should we take our engagement pictures?

I love it when a couple wants to take engagement pictures at a place that is special to them and their story. If you don't have a particular place in mind, I can recommend some amazing spots and hidden gems in Massachusetts if you need help deciding.

Can Our Fur Babies be included in our engagement?

Absolutely! Your fur babies are already part of your love story, and we love to let them shine! We just need to find a fur baby friendly location!

What do you recommend we wear for our engagement sessions?

Your engagement session should reflect your style; however, these are my best tips:

  • Wear clothing that feels like “you.”
  • Clothing should be fun & reflect your personality
  • Express your personal style - this will make you feel confident
  • Don’t be afraid of color! Express yourself!
  • If it’s a beach engagement, think soft nautical colors and the whimsy of flip-flops!
  • Think about the time of year: pick a color pallet that works with the environment — fall colors, deep purples, greens, reds, orange, yellows.
  • Wear layers; it’s an easy way to add more dimension to your images and switch up your outfits.
  • Some couples believe they need to match each other from head to toe, but you don’t need to wear the same color top & bottoms. Stay on the same color palette and complement each other!

The most important “outfit” is fun! Skip the complicated belts and buttons that snag or the unfamiliar heels that trip you up – be your authentic self and the fun will take care of itself!

Do you edit all the photos?

Before the bells and whistles of Photoshop, a photographer had to rely on their training and ability to capture an image at the exact right moment, in the right light and in the perfect way to tell their story. This is how I was trained and a shooting style which I strongly adhere to. After your wedding, I go through every image to find the best captures and all your best moments which I then retouch in Photoshop. The goal is for your love story to be told in a beautifully timeless way, not a trendy one.

How are your images edited in Photoshop? Do they reflect your style of shooting?

Family formals are less edited; however, images of my wedding couples can be more creative. I love sunbeams, and I may want to feel the sunbeams or the glow of the sun setting, but I’m not going to re-create your day adding a ton of heavy filters which draw away from the authentic telling of your story. My editing is done to bring out the details in your day and tell your story in a timeless and true way.

Did I mention I love sunbeams - I'm slightly obsessed with them and I always aim to capture some in my lens when shooting to add to the feeling of your day.

Do you have experience photographing in various lighting situations?

A good photographer uses the light around them, or the light they can create through years of continued education and experience, to paint the perfect image onto a digital canvas. One of my more favorite personal shots is the “Happily Ever After” shot where we find a nice background and I light my couple from behind. You can see several of these powerfully moving images in my gallery. Light is photographers best friend and one I know intimately well.

Have you photographed at our venue before?

This is a tough question because the look of any venue changes due to the time of day or the season, so even if I’ve worked at a location 20 times at 4 PM on a summer afternoon, it’s going to look very different at noon in winter. I have worked with couples at many venues throughout Massachusetts / Boston, RI, and New Hampshire; however, I will tour any venue beforehand to be familiar with the surroundings and get the creative juices flowing!

There are some difficult family dynamics, and I’m worried about the photos. How do you handle this?

Family is a wonderfully complicated web of familial and emotional connections: it’s always dynamic. Before your wedding, we spend a good deal of time going over the key players at your wedding: family, friends, surprise ex’s, whoever. My many years of experience have armed me with an ability to carefully and professionally diffuse any difficult connections and keep the day moving and happy.

Can we provide you with a “must take” photo list?

Being totally honest: you’re hiring me because you have faith that I don’t need a “must take” list. If we have mapped out your timeline (see below), and we’ve discussed all your key players (see above), then I have what I need to know where I need to be, when I need to be there, and what I need to capture to tell your love story. I shoot with multiple cameras and variations of long and wide angle lenses to ensure that my eye is always where YOU need to be in the moment. This eye will capture your special details and tell your day as it unfolds organically documenting the portraits and behind the scenes moments.

My uncle wants to take pictures at my wedding, are you okay with this?

This is not at all uncommon; however, unless your uncle is another professional wedding photographer, then it’s not likely he will produce the quality of work that I will. It’s best to share with well-meaning friends and relatives that they are welcome to help document the day, but they should not walk in front of professional cameras, walk out into the aisle during the first kiss, or stand directly behind a professional camera and shoot over their shoulder. There’s room for everyone – but professional gear goes to the front of the line!

We have a videographer also, will this affect our photos?

Multiple cameras in a single location can sometimes be tricky. You can help us by letting us know which is more important – videography or photography? We can then work together to ensure each camera has the space it needs to capture the moments for you. This is teamwork, and it’s something we’re used to doing. However, if your videographer is in a spot that I cannot avoid photographing them in, you need to be aware that retouching fees may apply should you want them removed in the photo.

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