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What is your photography style?

I am by nature an observer, my art, my craft and my business make me a historian. My style is a marriage of the two, observer and historian. Personally, I refer to my style as Personally Authentic with a side of Beautifully Styled Photojournalistic.

My goal with most of my wedding images is what I refer to as the “Rule of Two”. When you look at your images of both of you together, all I want you to see is the two of you. In Love, in the moment, in laughter, in tears, in happiness and wrapped up in emotion. What you do not see in your images, is me, the third person taking the image. I am an observer, with a camera who captures who you are deep down individually and as a couple.

I seek out the beauty in life and I tell beautiful stories about it without becoming too much a part of it. My style is organic, and my subjects are best when they are being themselves. Now this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to make sure the background is picturesque; the quality of light is amazing and that I’m bringing out the best in you. Personally Authentic with a side of Beautifully Styled Photojournalistic. It is the best of you, the heart and soul of you, pure, organic, beautiful.

Many couples believe that they want a “photojournalistic” photographer without realizing that pure photojournalism is completely organic and untouched. Few clients want all of their day captured truly photojournalistic with NO “interference” from the photographer because most brides want their hair in place, their train unfolded, and the background to be spotless. Parents want traditional formals with four eyes at the camera, and brides want every last detail they poured over and planned for months or years, to be captured for all time. My style allows for both.

I believe a perfect wedding gallery contains elements of both photojournalistic and a blend of stylized traditional imagery.

My approach to your day is to set you up in spots which offer your best backdrops, your best light, highlighting your connection and capturing your authentic and organic interactions with a photojournalistic flair.

During the getting ready portion of your day, I will photograph personal interactions, laughter, smiles, tears and more. I love to incorporate parent first looks if they are not present when you are getting dressed. I want to capture all the feelings you feel, bottle them up in a jar and deliver them to you in an image. I also will capture the details of your dress, shoes, and special details that are all a part of your day.

All throughout your day I am a two-camera girl. One for up close and personal images and one for wide shots. Action and reaction will be captured all day. As a professional observer, I have an eye and an instinct for emotional responses, and nothing compares to capturing those emotions all day long. [KA3]

Whether you have a first look or a traditional ceremony, details, emotions, love, tears, laughter, your very authentic self will be captured on your wedding day. Generations will enjoy looking over your images for years to come.

Don’t confuse trendy photo trends with what you truly want, emotion captured and authentic stories told.

I had an image of me when I was three years old. I’m smiling, standing next to my Dad, so his sneakers fill part of the frame and I’m holding my sunfish. I look at that picture, and I can feel my joy, my sheer excitement and the pride of my father teaching me to fish. His face isn’t present, but the emotion is overwhelming, the story of that day, that triumph is so authentically told on that Kodak paper. Anyone can hold this picture in their hand and know exactly how I felt that day, and how my Dad felt. That’s the power of photography and authentic storytelling.

My father passed when I was in my twenties, and it’s pictures like this one that I cherish. I am always drawn to capturing the way a grandmother looks at a grandchild, the looks of awe that dances across the face of the father of the bride, the goofy-dancing nephews, the tantrum of a grumpy flower girl, the look of steady love between the groom’s parents on the dance floor, and every time the bride’s face blushes when her new husband takes her hand: it’s all there to be authentically captured and enjoyed for years to come. That is my style.

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